Bamboo & French Linen Bedding

Everyone loves linen. Crisp and breezy on a summer’s morning, nestled down with the Sunday papers. An enduring fabric, organically grown. A stylish look, now with a silky secret - our Bamboo and French linen bedding is 70% bamboo! This tantalising blend is plump and luxurious. Textured to touch, like linen. But seriously soft, like bamboo. Available in six luscious colours: Coconut White, Slate Grey, Natural, Silver Lining Grey, Himalayan Pink and Midnight Navy.   *Complete bedding set: fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases  

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30% linen

Highly breathable

Temperature regulating

Naturally hypoallergenic


70% bamboo
30% french linen
100% super-cool

French linen is the coolest fabric. It looks amazing and its thick, moisture-absorbing weave allows plenty of air flow. Combining hard-wearing linen with our famously sumptuous, silky bamboo makes this unique fabric incredibly strong. Divinely soft but linen textured. A matte finish with just the right hint of sheen. Yep, our Bamboo-Linen classic is super-cool, soft and chic. The perfect blend.

Our bamboo and linen

Bamboo is an organically grown wonder-plant that grows up to three feet a day, providing high yields per acre, saving land. Our bamboo is sustainably grown in managed forests, meeting the highest social and environmental standards.

Our linen

Our linen is also a hardy, sustainable plant that is organically grown and naturally biodegradable. The manufacturing process uses up to 20 times less water than cotton or synthetic fabrics and linen is twice as durable as cotton.

Our bamboo and linen – naturally hypoallergenic

Both bamboo and linen are naturally antibacterial and inhospitable to micro-organisms and parasites such as dust mites and bed bugs. They also have hypoallergenic properties, so will gently protect against skin irritation. Combined, they’re a natural choice for eczema or allergy sufferers. And a very sustainable choice for anyone that loves the planet. 

Temperature regulating

Whether you’re a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ sleeper, bamboo and linen are both highly breathable, encouraging continuous air flow. Bamboo is naturally insulating in the winter and breathes in the summer. Linen’s thicker, durable fibres add extra moisture-wicking and can absorb up to 20% of their own weight in water before feeling wet to touch. The combination of bamboo and linen works symbiotically with your skin to keep you feeling just right, whatever your internal heat setting.

Panda innovations

Natural dyes

We searched high and low for the most gentle dyes, that don’t pump harmful chemicals into the water supply during production. All of our dyes are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified and comply with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Group’s manufacturing restricted substances list.


100% bamboo buttons

Our bamboo bedding is 100% plastic free and that includes our buttons. Handcrafted from raw bamboo (what else?), they are sturdier than plastic and look fabulous.


No more duvet drift

If you’re a wriggly sleeper, you’ll know how duvets always seem to bunch up and misbehave under the cover. Not anymore. We’ve sewn hidden straps inside our duvet covers, which can be attached to small corner loops on our Cloud Duvet. So now you can wriggle and snuggle as much as you like – and your duvet will stay put

Eco-friendly, socially friendly

We make sure of our bamboo’s eco-credentials too by only sourcing from approved forests. And we do all we can to reduce the environmental impact at every stage of the product’s lifecycle, from forest to front door. We insist on the highest standards of social care for our people and the communities we operate in.

✓ Ethically sourced from organic bamboo and flax

✓ Grown pesticide free

✓ Plastic-free

✓ Vegan-friendly

✓ Delivered in recycled and recyclable box, with a re-usable bamboo bag for life

Every thread, button and dye within our products is regularly and rigorously tested for harmful chemicals and approved by OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

No harmful chemicals are used in the dying of our product Every thread, button and dye within our products is regularly and rigorously tested to check there’s no trace of harmful substances and certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

No harmful chemicals are used in the dying of our products.

The small print

  • 30-night trial

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    We’re so confident you’ll love our bamboo bedding as much as we do, we’ll let you try it for 30 nights. Sleep, snuggle, wash, dry… If you don’t like it, you can return it to us for a full refund. We’ll cover the postage costs.

  • Free UK delivery & returns

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    • Standard UK delivery is 2-3 working days and free for orders over £30
    • Next day and Saturday delivery options
    • Shipping worldwide
    • Free returns – UK only

  • 1-year guarantee

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    Our products are designed and manufactured so they are easy to care for and last a long time. We have paid attention to every detail to ensure quality and comfort. If you are not entirely satisfied please let us know! All of our bamboo bedding comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects of any kind.

  • specs

    Material details

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    • Material: 70% rayon made from organic bamboo 30% French Linen
    • Feel: Soft and textured
    • Weave: Satin
    • Density: 30x30 106x78

    We’ve added a small border on our Bamboo and French Linen pillowcases to compliment the sophisticated, luxury look of the linen.

  • Easy To Clean & Care

    Care instructions

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