General Questions

How does the 30 Night trial work?

We’re so confident that you are going to love our Panda products, that we are offering you a 30-night trial period. If you are unhappy with the products (which we highly doubt!), we will happily give you a full refund, as long as you have the receipt and return the pillow to us within the 30 night period. We are very open to any feedback that you have to help us improve our products.

How does the 10 Year Guarantee work?

Yes, it’s true, we aren’t saying it just to sound good, we do offer a full 10-year guarantee period! If there is a problem with your product during the warranty period, we’ll exchange it for a brand new one. If your product has been discontinued, we will provide you with the updated version of said product so you will never be without the comfort of Panda. During this period, you may be required to send your item back to us for a quality test to ensure that any errors are corrected quickly and efficiently.


The warranty covers any physical flaw in the product despite normal usage and proper handling.

The warranty does not cover conditions resulting from normal wear and tear.

Is this the same bamboo that the Giant Pandas eat?

The Bamboo textiles are made using Moso, Dragon and Ci Bamboo – which is not the type of Bamboo that Pandas eat.

The Moso, Dragon and Ci Bamboo kinds are grown organically without using any pesticides or fertilizers, as the plants’ natural antifungal, antibacterial agent Bamboo Kin means they are not attacked by pests or pathogens.

The bamboo used in our bed linen is grown organically without using any pesticides or fertilizers.

Bamboo is a very fast growing grass and relies purely on rainfall. It absorbs more CO2 and produces 35% more oxygen than the same area of trees.

Bamboo fabric is biodegradable as well as hypoallergenic.

Are they any harmful chemicals used?

Each Panda item has been tested for any nasties in the fabrics in accordance to Oeko-Tex© Standard 100. So you can rest assured that there have been no harmful chemicals used when manufacturing any of our products.

All of our products are free from any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde & toluene diisocyanate. All our products are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. This global testing and certification system is the strictest in terms of cleanliness and purity of products, ensuring they comply with health standards and are safe for babies.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, and we highly recommend that you do!

All of our outer boxes and 70% of the paper we use in our office is made from kraft paper. Kraft paper is a 100% biodegradable natural product. The pulp is made from long virgin fibres of maritime pine and is not bleached, to ensure minimum chemical processing and to retain the wood’s natural colour.

Kraft paper biodegrades entirely naturally. Just like the leaves from the trees, kraft paper decomposes naturally within a few weeks, returning to its initial form of cellulose fibres, which can be fully assimilated back into its original natural environment, with no adverse impact on nature or human health!

What safety certificates do the pillows and sheets have?

Each Item has been tested for any nasties in the fabrics in accordance to Oeko-Tex© Standard 100. The Filling materials in the pillows have been tested and found to comply with Ignition Source 2 as specified in Schedule 2, Part 1 of the Fire Safety Regulation 1988.

Are your products free from chemicals?

Our products are made from certified organic bamboo that is grown and produced without any harmful chemicals, artificial additives, growth hormones and GMOs. They all passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is an international testing and certification system for textiles, focusing primarily on limiting the use of harmful chemicals in the textile industry. The certification body tests for over 100 harmful substances in the manufacture of textiles and makes sure none is left in the fabric at the end of the manufacturing process.

Why choose bamboo?

  • Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable source (it can grow up to 4 feet in 24 hours!)
  • The Bamboo fibre is twice as soft as cotton with a silky cashmere touch.
    Bamboo is naturally antibacterial
  • The fabric is extremely breathable due to the bamboo viscose. The structure also works as a natural insulator keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Due to the absorbent properties of Bamboo the fabric wicks moisture and odour from the body keeping you dry and comfortable
  • The fabric itself is environmentally friendly, needing no more than a 30-degree wash and dries in half the time of cotton.
  • Although Bamboo is 99% of a panda’s diet, they don’t mind sharing!

How can I clean my sheets and pillow case?

We recommend the sheets and pillowcases to be washed using a 40-degree wash and then be hung out to dry.

Are the bed sets and pillowcases hypo-allergenic?

Yes, bamboo is naturally antibacterial which helps to protect against skin irritation and allergies, making our bed sheets and pillowcases suitable for those who suffer from eczema, sensitive skin or hay fever caused by dust mites.

What materials are used for the packaging?

We use Kraft paper to make our packaging. It is 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable and it has great durability to protect our amazing products!


Do I need to be home for delivery?

Yes, you will need to be at home as our courier service requires a signature to let us know you have received the item. If you are not at home they will attempt to re-deliver within 1-2 days*, you can re-arrange delivery dates after the first attempt. Please email our customer support team for more information.

Email: info@mypandalife.co.uk

What are the delivery costs and how long will it take?

Delivery to the UK is free when you spend £35 or more and will take 2-5 days to arrive.

Will I receive all my items at the same time?

Typically, you should receive your items together. However, due to constant fluctuations in stock, there may be instances where you would receive items separately.

Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

What is the weight of the products?

The pillow weighs 1.8 kg including all packaging.

The bed sheet set weighs 3.2 kg including all packaging.

What is the height of the pillow?

The pillow height is 12 cm top to bottom when you don’t rest your head on it. The pillow will mould to your head according to your head shape and weight in order to give you the best support thanks to the memory foam.

What are the Panda Pillows made from?

Our pillows are made up of three layers of visco memory foam using the newest technology of memory foam gel which is recommended by doctors and orthopaedic experts.

What is the size of the Panda Bamboo Pillow

The Panda bamboo pillow size is 60(L) x 40(W) x 12(H) cm.

Why use three layers of memory foam?

The structure provides the perfect neck support to relieve pressure points and prevent joint pain whilst guaranteeing a perfect night’s sleep!

The Topper

What is Hydro Foam?

The Topper by Panda features a one of a kind Hydro Foam layer. Incorporating minute capsules of cooling gel into our 3rd generation memory foam helps to prevent overheating throughout the night

Memory Foam (Hydro-Foam) Mattress Topper Setup Guide

You should have received a leaflet with your new Panda Mattress Topper. On the off chance you didn’t receive one or you lost it, click here to download the Setup Guide PDF.

Will the Topper slide about on top of my mattress?

The Topper has an Anti-Slip Layer at the base. Micro-silicone grips embedded within the entire base prevents any unwanted movement between your mattress and the Topper. It also features four secure elastic straps to keep the Topper in place. 

How do I know if the Topper is suitable for my bed?

The Topper is available in a range of different sizes, always check before purchasing that you’re ordering the right size.

Each corner has a durable elastic strap, making the Topper suitable for all types of mattresses. 

How is the Topper by Panda better at keeping us cooler during the night?

The minute capsules of cooling gel incorporated into our 3rd generation memory foam, help prevent overheating throughout the night. Making the Topper by Panda, the most advanced memory foam mattress topper available.

Panda Toddler Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

What is the height of the Panda Toddler Pillow?

Our Panda Toddler Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow is approximately 3cm in height, we found that this is the perfect height for a memory foam pillow for toddlers. After consulting a series of doctors and orthopaedic experts, we learned that memory foam pillows of this size are highly recommend to properly support the child’s neck and spine.

100% Bamboo Bedding Set

What are the bedding sets and pillowcases made from?

Our bedding sets are made out of 100% bamboo fabric. The nature of this fabric gives our 400 thread count a feel that is comparable to that of 800-1200 in other fabrics.

Our pillowcases are made of 60% polyester and 40% Bamboo viscose, which is a combination we found was good at increasing both breathability and comfort.

What are the dimensions of the bedding sets? - Size Chart

Beds           Duvet Cover    Fitted Sheets        Pillowcases      
Single140 x 20090 x 190 + 321x: 50 x 75
UK Double200 x 200135 x 190 + 322x: 50 x 75
King225 x 220150 x 200 + 322x: 50 x 75
Super King260 x 220180 x 200 + 322x: 50 x 75

What is the Bedding's thread count?

The Panda 100% Bamboo Bedding has a 300 thread count.

The nature of the fabric gives our 200 thread count a feel comparable to that of 1,000-1200 in other fabrics such as cotton.