100% Bamboo Bed Sheets

Our complete 100% Bedset range includes a fitted bed sheet, duvet cover and two pillow cases. Currently available in two sizes, King and UK double bed (Queen).


Highly Breathable

Highly Breathable

Bamboo viscose is extremely breathable while its structure and absorption properties act as a natural insulator to aid coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.

Bamboo Woven fabric

100% Bamboo Fabric

The 100% bamboo fabric used in our bed linen is incredibly soft, smooth and luxurious and is available for both queen and king size mattresses.The nature of the fabric gives our 400 thread count a feel comparable to that of 800-1200 in other fabrics.

Hypoallergenic Icon


Bamboo is naturally antibacterial which helps to protect against skin irritation and allergies making it suitable for those who suffer from eczema, sensitive skin or hay fever caused by dust mite.

Bamboo is one of the world’s most eco-friendly materials, and here are a few reasons why!

Fast Growing

In the correct conditions, bamboo is capable of growing up to 4 feet in 24 hours. As the plant grows very quickly, we are able to manufacture our products without disturbing the wild panda’s diet, as 99% of it is bamboo. Bamboo is also extremely easy to maintain, as it does not require any pesticides or fertilizers to grow and it absorbs a very small amount of water compared to other plants for textiles such as cotton.

Bamboo and Oxygen

Bamboo plants absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and release Oxygen (O2) into the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gasses. One of the most incredible elements of bamboo is that it absorbs 5 times the amount of Carbon Dioxide and releases 35% more Oxygen into the atmosphere in-comparison to trees.

30 Degree Washing

The fabric itself is also eco-friendly as can be washed at 30 degrees and air dries twice as fast compared to cotton, helping to save electricity. There are concerns that washing fabrics at 30 degrees could leave bacteria behind. However bamboo fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic, resists mould, fungi, mildew and dust mites. These properties protect against skin irritation or allergies which can flare up with other chemically protected fabrics, making it suitable for those who suffer from eczema, sensitive skin or hay fever caused by dust mite.